viva las vegas ! :)

soooo , today was sooo exhausting ! i worked 12 hrs off 3 hrs off fkn
sleep n im still up . so we were supposed to rest and leave to vegas @
12 bt NOW we leavin at 4am . that's in 4 hrs bt im ready to gooo lol. it
don't matter i need some sleep cus tha min we get there we gotta unpack
tht damn truck . after i unpack ima be knoooooocked ! lol. i hope i find
something to do for thha 4th ..my aunts havin a bbq i think bt i wanna
go out lol. see what's out there lol. if i don't its cool...they'll be
other days . but YEA, im sleepy . ill bb when i touch down :) gn .