day 3.

well .. i enjoyed my 4th of july yesterdayy , i hit up 2 bbq`s thenn
watchedd a firework showw then hit tha strip w. my friend & her bf. i
was sooo tired by tha time i got home which was prolly abt 4am lol. it
was soooooooo many niggas trynaa holla when i was out lol, bt i was like
nahhhh im nt fenna start this right now lol. but im definately fenna
kill off over half of these vegas females cus idk where tha bad ones is
at bt they aren't much competition lol. im fenna find me a new boo :) or
a couple lol. ima prolly go to tha club this weekend and see wht it do .
im excited ...im nt really lookin into any serious relationships right
now cus i know im still in a healing process buuuut fk tht process my
hearts practically made of stone at this point lol. blah blah blah . im
so irritated talkin about tht shit. it jst pisses me off how i got
played lol. i jst wanna go off on everybody involved BUT its over so fk
it . on to tha next ...i didn't deserve what i got and karmas a real
bitch so i wish they relationship tha best . i got errands to runn soo ,
ill bb eventually .

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