irony .

its 435 in tha mornin , i need to wake up in 4 hrs bt this wale song
came on while im tryna fall asleep and my eyes popped wide open...
i always liked diary since the first time i heard it cus i love marsha
ambrosius but FK! this sht is like the story of my life now . lol. i
hate when songs always remind me of something . this song used to make
me smile bt now its jst ironic...songs are really the only thing tht
been keepin me focused lately. idk what id do w/o music. bt yeaa , i
hope i find someone like wale ..jst w. tht mindframe that has the heart
to attempt to be patient w. me after everything i been through. ill be
alright its jst gonna take some time. w. that said gn , ill bbs.

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