betrayal vs love.

"Betrayal is something you should never be forgiven for . Point blank
period . Because it is the intentional deceiving of a persons trust and
loyalty in you . Love IS loyalty . This is something nobody can debate
with me on because my mind is pretty much made up . "

my oldschool Bby Love wrote that. i fkn love his frame of mind ! i hope
i find a man that intellectual , its so sexy to me lol i used to always
tell hiim that when we'd have our conversations lol. bt
anywaysssss...tha whole reason i posted that was because that's the same
way i feel about love . I've ALWAYS been a loyal lover yet im always the
one that's betrayed. and its funny bc i always forgive them, but that's
only bc that's what the bible says. but even though i forgive i never
forget. the trust never stays the same. its hard to continue to wanna
stay loyal to people after youve been betrayed by practically everyone
youve ever given your heart to...so what's the solution to that
dilemma?? trust no one. don't sacrifice your heart to anyone. and
protect your own.