july 9th .

im jst laying here staring at the ceiling listening to music and reading
blogs in between. i finally came to the conclusion i jst need to give
myself the time to move along..i loved now its time to let go. things
never go as iwant them to so i guess i can't be disappointed. im jst idk
emotionless i guess. love gives me a headache and liars give me a
migrane. i was reading back through my posts and sometimes it makes me
cringe at how much i swear lol. i have the mouth of a redneck sailor -_-
...swearing has always been my worst habit . i really need to work on it
bc i hate how ignorant it sounds after tha fact. i mean when im saying
it im usually upset so it fits but when i go back im like o.O well dang
! lol. soooo im going to try to cut out all my favorite swear words...i
don't really know what to blog about now that im not in a relationship
..my blogs are always based on my emotions and what im going through
...im pretty fed upp. the result is im the girl wale is talking about in
diary and this blog is my diary lol. NO LIE. ill be okay tho, I've cried
about 9172974392718639293 times i don't even know how i can still
cry..bt im doing good im jst focusing on being happy and moving ahead..
i need to start my job search monday. i need to get in my dads ass cus
he still hasn't sent me my fkn birthcertificate so i can get my nv l's
and register my expired fkn tags >:o lol. i have to call csn tmw and see
if they received my transcripts and application since they can't email
me back w. any notification smh. i still feel good about this move to
las vegas...i jst want this to be beneficial..i hope when school starts
i meet some friends.they have alooot of ratchets out here lol..like a
lot. its like never leaving moval lol...but worse. on a more positve
note I've seen some cute faces and some not so cute faces lol. hopefully
the more i get out the more ill be exposed to bumping into someone to
possibly be interested in and take me out on a datee :) i wish i could
talk on tha phone right now! im jst bored....whatever . im gonna try to
go to bed..gn .

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