i miss you .

sooo , i guess im back to my good ol blogging days , lol .
i really miss actually blogging bt half the time i just don't know what
to say , i mean you can only repeat yourself so long about the same shit
. . .bt im back on my nt having anybody to talk to tip soooooooo ,
nothing like talking away to the only people that still listen lol . so
anyhoww ,

its friday night and i resent not having enough friends or even niggas i
tlk to for that matter bc nightmare on elm st came out today and i been
wantin to see tht shit since like fkn december >:o , and dnt nobdy wanna
go w. me or take me (like on a date) so im stuck in tha damn house BORED
. wideeee awake cus i took a 3 hr nap when i got home smh . its just ugh
. lol . if i wouldnt feel so odd going by myself i would lol . but i
really dnt feel like seeing all the bomb niggas coupled up nor do i feel
like gettin hollered at by a bunch a lame ass people . all my good
friends live abt 45 mins to an hr away frm me and i dnt have tha gas to
just drive there n back for a movie lol . i wanna go on a date but
niggas is jst lame n cheap these days . this nigga i been ignoring for
abt 2 weeks now txted me this morning tlkin abt lets go eat at red
lobster . likeeeeee , negro PLEASE . your not gonna bribe me to fk wit
yu jst by mentioning red fkn lobster bc 1st of all that doesn't impress
me bc i used to fkn work there. 2nd of all, yu don't have a car sooo ,
are yu providing gas money to drive all the way to pick yu up then to
red lobster and to drop u bck off? and 3rd , nigga i been ignoring your
calls for 2 weeks , wtf makes yu think i wanna go on a date NOW ? yu
shoulda proposed tht shit the first time we kicked it , smfh . niggas do
shit ass backwards . I've spent so much time in relationships that's its
nice to be single and actually be able to see things for what their
really worth but it also tends to make me seem more choosy , bc i know
exactly what i want and what i don't . and what ima deal with and what
im not , and bc of that i tend to stop liking dudes i meet way faster
then i normally would . if you can make me smile , great ! that's a plus
. if you come off like your trying too hard to impress me . . . womp .
points deducted . if your conversational skills aren't up to par , womp
. points deducted . if you all up on me TOO tough , womp . 3RD STRIKE !
you failed . i don't have the patience for building relationships
anymore . im straight to the point no time for games n bullsht , if i
smell it im nt fkn wit it . im no longer attracted and im cuttin yo ass
off . if yu keep hintin yu want me to come over n kick it , i know all
yu wanna do it try to get yo hands on me and fk , not about to happen .
your cut . these niggas don't even offer a mtfkn date no more . yu gotta
fkn ASK ! why in the fk should i have to ASK ! im 21 nigga ! im not 16
this aint no mtfckn stay at home n be chaperoned . grown people do grown
people shit ! im not impressed by sittin n smokin blunts or drinkin . im
nt impressed by tlkin n listenin to music . im nt impressed by your
couch , your bed , your cable or your fkn movie collection . lol like
wtf . what in your right mind makes yu think your sooo damn cute i wanna
fuck yu the first time we kick it? what makes yu think your that good?
do i look simple to you nigga? come harder than that. your in a fierce
competition . . .prepare to beat your opponents .

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