story of the week #1 . - sex & police .

so , i was bored tonite all the way up until this boy i used to tlk to
hmu , at the point of boredom i was experiencing i was just excited to
get out the house . so , i hop in the shower , get dressed and im off .
last time we chilled , nobdy was home and we didn't mess around bc he
had a gf so i didn't wanna take it there . so he's single now , womp .
and i get there and we can't go in the house cus his parents are there
-_- . womp . so he's like lets go to the park . im like the park !? its
11 at night wth . so anyways . we go to the park & chilll in my car we
just tlkin n such . we end up kissin . now one thing leads to another .
im sexually frustrated and we been chillin for about 6 months so im like
fk it . so we start havin sex . its whatever bt im tryna get into it ,
next thing i know i see a bright ass light and im like i know that what
i think it is ..so he looks up and he's like fuck! its the cops . and im
like o.O aw shit we fenna get a ticket . i don't neeeeed no more tickets
! lmao . so we puttin our clothes back on and this nigga stilll shinin
his light in the window lmao . im like damn nigga yu tryna watch me get
dressed? lol fkn pervy cop . so i open tha door and im like hi . and the
cop's like "you know the parks closed" . and im thinking "yea i know , i
told this dumbass nigga they come by the park at night smh" bt i was
like yeaa . so the cops like are both of you 18 ? and im like yes we are
, im 21 do yu need my id? and he's like yes maam . so i get my purse and
show him my drivers license . then he asks for my friends bt he's like i
left it at home blah blah so he asks his name and bday and the cop
looked like he thought about runnin his name lol bt didn't feel like it
so he was just like well umm , yea just get out of here have a nice
night . in my head im like "helllss fkn yeaaaa !" bt i said thanks sir
goodnight . put my shoes on and get ready to drive off lol . like
mannnnn , i just knewww it was fenna be like a scene offa cops lmao . we
was in a rich white neighborhood and everything. the park didn't have
noooo lights . i bet they thought we was doin drugs lol . bt npe too
young adults fkn in tha car . i was embarrassed lowkey bt the shit was
funny actually . like he was prolly satisfied he got a lil peep show lol
. prolly was bout to go swoop by his house n get some puss . im glad he
let us slide . its better criminals to go harrass on a friday night . bt
the sex seemed as though it was headed down a wack road , so im kinna
glad we were interrupted lol . "what would jesus do ?" that . lmao so i
guess thts the laaast time i try to do anything in MY car . cus
everytime I've tried to mess around in my car the shit goes all bad . my
cars a fkn cock blockin ass bitch lmao . its coo tho , i've decided im
going on another bout of celibacy . niggas these days jst aint strokin
like they used to smfh , id be better off masturbating , wompp!

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Koty said...

lmao . I have a similiar story , but instead of cops it was kids in my neighborhood , they were younger boys , they got flashlights , started shaking the car and everything . Ahhah that's cool though that yall didn't get a ticket for indecent exposure, they don't really trip off of that so much anymore.