sex , expectations , & disappointment .

so , you know how when you have expectations set in your mind & the
reality of the situation doesn't meet them then your left dissappointed
or pissed off ? well that's what happens to me eeeeveeeerytimeee it
comes to sex lol . likee im a very sensual , sexual person . not the
promiscuous type . not the i gotta fk once a week type lol (even though
if im in a relationship sex everyday sounds nice) i just enjoy the good
parts of sexuality . i digress , when i get in the zone and my bodies
tellin my brain "do it , do it" ill be in the zone alllll the way til
the nigga fk's off an expectation . lol . if i expect u to know how to
kiss . yu better know how . i don't do wet , nasty , slobbery kisses .
even though i ammmm a lazy kisser after awhile and stop kissin back lol
. if yu can't suck on my neck with the right pressure , okay , i might
let yu slide . if yu can't lick/suck my nipples wit the right pace &
pressure , ughh ill be annoyed bt ill let it pass . but anything beyond
that ? if yu throw of my mind frame and make me start talkin shit ! the
whooooole experience is fkd off ! your not meeting any of my
expectations and fkn wit yu is now a disappointment lol.

honestly , sex isn't even gratifying to me anymore =/ its like my
hormones a be raging all the way up to the point of penetration . after
penetration imm thinking "THIS is what i wanted?" like ill try to stop
tlkn shit it my head and just focus on the enjoyment bt ill be too into
thinkin about how fuckn wack the sex is .and once i start thinkin about
other sht ! smfh . my whole mood is out the window . and once its out
the window . the session is over cus ima make yu stop . yeaaa , i know i
know . how selfish of me ! wahh wahh , suck it . idgaf . if im nt into
it im nt fenna lay there and be fondled n molested if i dnt wanna be
anymore lol . fuck yo nut ! :D im sucha btch lmao . oh well . bt anywho
, the whole point of this is to say , stop making expectations . its
cool to have standards bt expectations leave you completely disappointed
when your hoping , or expecting something to be wonderful and its pretty
average . save yourself the disappointment lol .

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