i used to be that girl .

the nice girl . the naïve girl . the girl that took everything you said
to heart. the girl that wanted to believe every word you said . the girl
that wasn't afraid to laugh . the girl that wasn't afraid to open up and
fall in love . the girl that never wanted to be mean to you or piss you
off . the girl that would make up to you bc she made you mad . the girl
that wanted to be your everything . the girl that believed in love , a
hopeless romantic . . .now im just hopeless . im no longer nice . i no
longer believe anything that comes out your mouth . im always on the
defense . im always protecting my heart & feelings . im insecure . i no
longer care abt making you mad . i no longer care abt yelling at you . i
no longer wanna apologize . i don't believe in being your everything ,
being someones everything seems to be nonexistant . i no longer look at
love the same . I've been scorned . its not loves fault but all the
highs love brought no longer seems worth all the pain that comes after .
i never saw love coming when it did and now i feel like it'll never come
back . and when it does i'll probably be so resentful that ill prolly
miss it when its there. i miss being the girl i USED to be . . .now im
just the product of a sweet girl turned sour .

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&So it Goes On Viva La Dame said...

This Sounds Just Like Me Now. With all my Drama Now.. Im Slowly turnin into That girl... I Feel Yu.