poem # 8 .

frustrations relieved
as these dark complexities untangle
i feel sunlight on my life
thawing slowly from so many cold nights w. you
your hold is no longer tight
as i walk closer towards tha light
i smile
because im free from all tha emotions once leading me towards insanity.
im reaching closer to my right state of mind
so clear and focused i am no longer blind
i feel tha warmth of His love awaiting me
tha closer i get tha more i understand what it feels like to be free
im right there w. him , face to face
but theres a invisible wall i cant displace
so close to having you , yet i cant have you
i still feel tha warmth , you can still be seen
so , ill settle for right here beside you living a distant dream .

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Simpli-c-t said...

woow nice poem...i love it