change of heart .

you know what .
scratch that .
love is too complex .
and im tired of tryna justify shit i know is wrong
jus to make it right .
i love the fuck outta his ass .
but he wont stop LYING !
i can't fckn handle it .
i can't .
there's nothin i hate more then a person that can't be honest .
and its a love/hate thing cus i love him . bt he lies so much i hate em
and i never know if he's lyin or tellin tha truth unless i catch him .
so to me everything out his mouth is a fckn lie .
whatever .
he's changed but he's still tha same .
and i refuse to live my life with a man that's not of his word .

im not gonna say ima go back to james either cus im not doin tha back n
forth .
as of right now i don't really gaf about NOBDY !
that's how i feel .
every nigga that's ever told me they loved he had played or betrayed me
in some way .
so fuck niggas ! fuck tha L word & fuck tha nxt nigga tht come ma way
usin it cus that shit don't live here any more .
straaate fuckinn DRxPPPP !

welcome to h e a r t LESS >:]


R. Alexandra said...

i hate liars .
but you cannot blame every nigga for what one or even a few niggas have done . i hate to say it ... but the niggas you fuck with ain't shit apparently ... that doesn't mean all of 'em ain't shit though .

all men are dogs, you just have to know not to pick the pit .


& going back & forth between two is never a good look, `cause your emotions get fucked up & confused . you can sometimes end up loving one simply off the fact that you hate the other one at the moment . & that isn't right .

♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

lol this love is clearly a rollercoaster ride
good luck with watever u do girl !