it`s gonnaa be a long daay :-/

soo , im standing heree in this lonng ass linee for these forever21 open
interviews in riverside .

they start @ 10am , i got here @ 9 & wooooooww .
this linee is wrapped around like e times >:o

i thought i was cute in my lil zebra peep toe steve maddens my mtfckn
feet gon be swoll :( hahahahaha .
well wishh me thee best yall i needa fcking job >:o

oh & its this cute ass nigga here , very veeery well dressed like some
kanye , neyo type shit but he looks kindaa gaaay :( no luuck for mee
lmaoo .

but yeaa lots of different people here young & old . fashion foward &
jus plain tacky lmao .

i know yall like btchh we don't care but shit i gotta have somn to do .
all my frinns still sleep right now lmao .

ill tell yall how it went after . ta ta for now :)

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quynnief.baybee said...

i hope you gett itt :)