broken hearts .

i can't even fill yall in on tha situation .
i can't even express wtf is goin on .
i don't even wanna tlk about it .
everything i tlk about is sad .
i can't ever talk about a happy moment .
like how tf did i get this sad .
idk whts whts right and wrong anymore .
what feels wrong is right .
and what feels right is wrong .
tears can never fix tha situation , never take away tha pain , never
make shit better .
i feel like im losing myself .
im so down , i have no feeling .
you know i got into a fight wit a btchh today and if someone handed me a
gun i woulda shot tht btchh with no remorse .
and THAT scares tf outta me .
i should and did have more heart than that .
i hurt people because im in pain and thts wrong
like when does life get better for angelica as a whole .?
fuck pieces of my life .
i wanna really be happy .
im bout to end up in a fckn psych ward by myself soon if shit dnt change
. i really feel like im jus . . .
whatever . that's how i feel .
whatever .

goodnight on that note .

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Qu33n Kam... said...

omg u cant be fightin ppl now
what is going on, i really wana know and not to be nosey either lolz

jellie so much drama follows u and i can relate I think its just time u scream fuck the world and do you. Ppl dont understand how ur feeling and what ur going thru and it feels like ur prolly alone but know that u will never let urself down so u are all u need fuck ppl Just u and God walk thru life together! & God has put u in situations to build urself so know all that ur going thru builds character and strength. Trials and Tribulations make life worht while because only the strong ppl are the ones to survive dnt give up! Get reconnected to what makes u truly happy and stick with it even if it involves just you. You love fashion start to study it and live eat and breath fashion thats jus an example what Im sayin is figure out ur passion and stick with it. God only helps those who helps themselves when you show him ur focus is on positivity he will give u all u desire. And as far as the men thing goes im workin on this myself is just to say fuck them fuck anyone who isnt rolling strong 4 u and if ur 1st love is loving you then great but dnt let him tear u down anymore and dont let him make u feel ur not good enuff cuz u are. The more positive u feel and live the more it will radiate thru ur lifeinto everything u do and when negativity does come ur way its jus dust becuz u feel 2 good bout life 2 let it bring u down and thats for anything and anyone. And i promise u wont be alone on this because Im gona do it too =o>

cheer up buttercup!