you losee one , you gain onee .

so .
i ended things w. thaa ex .
i was just at my fed up point not to mention im just tired of thaa same
run around .
i realizedd that i didn`t wanna losee that other special someone dealing
w. his bullshit , cus i really likee himm & i know he reallly cares
about me . i knoww my ex lovess me despite what anyones sayss but i
guess it`s just not meant to be .

so im readyy for this new journey .
readyy for something neww .
not gonna jump straight into this realtionship
although its already been establishedd :)
i just wanna takee it sloww & not fck it up .
i got alotta love for him , i just can`t love him tha way he lovess me
, yet .
i said something reeally dumb lass nite tho , and i think he`s mad at me
. leave it up to me to fck off what im tryna keep :-/
i knoww this person is what i need right now tho .
i finallyy realizedd i need to stop chasing dreams & openn my eyes to
realityy , beforee it walks outta my lifee . . .

bt , on a diff notee .
my cuzinn is moving in to they`re new housee in riversidee tmmrw or
wedss & she said i can movee in !!
so yayyy me closer to a diff job market ! ahh yessss . i hopee i find a
mthfcknn jooooob ! wishh mee luuuck !

i`ll keep yuu guys postedd , yeaa ?
gnitee all :)

ohh && ps - RIP dolla , omg . i can`t believee they killed him , like
wtf . that`s sadd . my heart goes out to his family & friends :-/

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