ohh yeaa , btw . . .

im thinkingg about getting my septum piercedd nxt monthh . i already
have my nose pierced bt i want another piercing . bt , something diff .
& i alreadyy had my lip , dnt want ma eyebroww , yeaa so anywhoo , i
pickedd tha septum cus i think its hella cutee & i like how yuu can
hidee it by flipping it up into yo nose if yuu want so thats a plus on
thaa job tip :) this is how it would look .

comments ?
, m ost o ff i cial b tchhh .
- tooooooPR0PER .


Miss.Fortune said...

u can definitely pull it off..

ive been thinkn bout gettin my nose pierced lately..

but idk if my nose is cute enough..

but the spectrum is definitely cute on u

whiteskinpoppin. said...

that piercing would be hella cute on you.

i'm scared to get my septum, even tho i have 10+ piercings.