& it workeddd ! :)

soo on that notee ;

*thankss tuhhwinn ! ilyy mamas :)

noww , lets catch upp !
sooo , i`ve missedd youu guyss soooooooo muchh .
evenn tho we don`t talk likee conversationally , i look forward to yall
cmmnts n feedback & i miss it .
soo , in tha meanwhilee sincee i couldnt follow or post whilee my cpu
been dead . ive been following my most favoritest funniest blogs ! [no
offense to anyone , ily all ]
but thosee would includee :

- bothh of dizzy`s blogs [ilypunk :)]
- drawer of intimacies .
- the makings of me! [imyy lovee !]
- it doesnt hurt to smile .
- the REAL [toyy]*$tory .
- . . .yup , simone be talkin shit .
- you know you dead azz wrong .
& - a hit of caramel cocaine .

mann , yall been my lifesaverss ! keepingg me laughing & entertainedd .
keep it upp ! :)

now on to meeeee ,

im single :)

boo hoo hoo . yea , w.e . im enjoying it . me & my ex still havee tha
best relationshipp EVER we don`t even feel like we`re brokenn up . but
we aree , & i enjoyy tha way it is . it`s like a separationn in a
marriagee . we still havee plans for tha futuree , things just aren`t
perfect right noww . whether things turn out thaa way we plan , mmm ,
onlyy timee will tell . . .

til thenn . im content .

i had anoother bf for likee 4 dayss . he asked & i accepted . buut , im
not over himm ^^ soo , it just wasnt right , thaa right timingg . && i
feel horrible cus i know how he feels about me & i just keep hurting him
. but NOT intentionally ! it`s just . . .not time for me to leave thaa
love of my lifee . :-/

moving on . . .

my loser ass is STILL unemployedd >:o !
but im on my grindd . i gotta wakee up in thaa morninn to go fill out
some apps . my mom brought it too my attentionn that G0D onlyy HELPS
thosee that help THEMSELF . && i admit , even tho i haveee been looking
for a job . i haveeee been a lil lazy about tha situationn . i know i
havent given it my full potential , so maybe if i try harder , he`ll
helpp me :)

ahh , i need jesus . right now .
im single . i have no job . & i don`t start skoo til this fall .
as of right now , all tha time i possess i commit to bettering myself &
bringing me back to wheree i needa be . cus on some sadd ass serious
shit . i was doinn better when i was 18 versus now & im bout to be 21 in
5 months :-/ lol , saaad but truee .

thats lifee tho . sometimess i wanna givee up . but fuck it . im too
cutee for that shit , i gotta see myself in 10 years wtf . i gotta get
married n havee kids ! have a housee & a dog ! ** me && bbyddy already
planned it out , lmaoo . i jus need a lil timee to get back on my feet
& get ma shit together . im determinedd . so i can do anything i put my
mind to :)

soo , on that noteee .
for everyone goinn thru similar shit as mee .
keep yo head highh && keep it pushhinn ,
good things comee w. timee :)
ilyyy ! leavee me comments !


Qu33n Kam... said...

im glad to see ur back i love ur blog..ur blog among others is the reason I started one! Basically cuz ur love life is very mirror to mine. But its a day to day process and u will figure it out.

&& i didn't know u can post from ur phone..ima have to get into that...

&& don't feel bad im unemployed too =/ im broke as hell lolz and i had 3 jobs when I was 18 so i iknow how u feel

keep ya head up jellie it all will work out

Miss.Fortune said...

why do we always end up n the same damn situations..sorta kinda..lol

ok ok..
im single..loving someone but single but loving that title because its fun accepting attention from others..free meals and shit!

its grinding season..u'll have a job by um...next month..
ur on the right track tho!

"but fuck it . im too
cutee for that shit "
thats my shit..i say it allll the time..(damn libras lol)

btw..i feel all special and shit.. love youuuuu

p.s. if i say shit one more time..

whiteskinpoppin. said...

good luck on getting a job missy!

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

4 days .
thats gotta be a record ! lol .