queen cammm !

heyy lovee ,
i had to post cus i cant leavee cmmnts :-/ but i appreciatee soo muchh
of thaa feeback yuu givee me cus unlikee alotta ppls advicee , i
understand yours and can tell you`ve been thru it . im flatteredd that
my blog inspiredd yuu to blog ! cus i lovee your posts too ! but im
hellaa sadd i cant read em on my phonee cus it only shows your
background :( so when i get on a cpu i gotta get to that lol . but
thank youuu so muchh lovee , you`ve really helped me in ways yuu don`t
even knoww :) ttys lovee !

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Qu33n Kam... said...

Aww hunnie, thanks for the love!! Im glad I can help. I speak from the heart also cuz I do relate to u. && remember everything will work out, these are just growing pains!
But look at the bright side your beautiful, healthy, alive, young, fly, & have a cool ass blog lolz. Life is not over it has jus begun! Progress is only before struggle in the dictionary.

p.s. & thanks for loving my blog its super random but its worth it! =]