boredom calls . . .

sooo timee for another updatee in thaa stupidd ass lifee of angelicaa .

soo , i changedd my mind about skool .
bcus i was soo happy tht i failed to realizee id have to takee out loans
. [which is what i was avoiding] thennn on top of that i havee to do
some paperwork im not gonna be able to completee n older to get abother
grant .
thnnn i gotta pay 9.5o for my sat`s which means i have to beg ma dad &
his punkass dont even wanna drive 2 miles to my oldd hs to get my
official transcriptss .

sooo fck it . back to cmm college i go . id really care just as long as
im n skool . plus i can always transfer . not to mention tha profession
i wanna go into [ paralegal ] doesnt even require a 4 year college
education . but i wanna get a degree anyways just becuase i want that
for myself :)

on too my other aspects of lifee . . ..

i spent fri - today at my cuzinss housee . just becus i neededd a break
from my housee . all we did was chill n drinkk since idnt smokee
anymoree lol . i enjoyedd myself .

lovee lifee is growingg :) im really starting to fall for him . even
thoo im still healing over my ex . im not confused . or sad . im happy .
and he understands tha whole situationn and i lovee that hes willing to
stick by me til im over it . hes been so patient w. me . im convinced
that hes tha person i really need :)

but yeaa . sorry followers i know my lifee has been kindaa suckyy
considering i have almost 2oo of yall and i dont get no kinda cmmnts no
mo :-/ lol . but ily guyss anywayss . bbs !


Miss.Fortune said...

school is an investment..
its worth so much more then the loans..but it doesnt matter whether your in a community college or university..its all within what u take from it

.domo. said...

well you just gained another follower!!! =] i found your blog today and already find it really nice =]

One Eighteen said...

200 and 1 followers now lol