todays;z suchh a better dayy than yesterdayy. evenn tho it startedd off really rouqh! [thanks to my bf]. he ended up makinq it end on a qood note...as usual:]
so i didnt do shxt with myself today. i slept damn near the whole day away. whichh was finee byy me considerinqq i wouldd rather sleep then bee upp and boredd as fuxx. myy cuzos wantedd me to qo out withh themm &&juss when i was bout to qet dressed.. my bf camee into the picturee && i chosee stayinq homee talkinq to him thenn qettinq drunk &&actinq stupidd. myy cuzinn was madd. but whatever. id rather sit home and cupcakee thenn qo out anydayy. call me a homebodyy, i d q a f. ivee donee my sharee of partyinqq. i aint missin shxt.

i talkedd to myy best friendd from the bayarea for the 1st timee in likee 6 months:/ i feel quiltyy cuz i havent been back upp there to visit...in likee a year, mind yuu myy father still lives upp there && i havent seen his ass either. but idc. hes the reason i movedd down here anyways. [i dont feel like elaboratinq] but yeaa. i miss her muchoo && myy other bff nini. them was myy ride or diee bxtchhes. since elementaryy, yuu cant find friends likee them. i never thouqht we would end up not talkinq, but i quess times chanqee and ppl chanqee. yuu cant avoid human naturee. ya knoww.?

its funny tho. i had this weirdd enliqhteninq moment earlier. where i felt like i shouldnt qive two fuxx about shxt. &&inn all honestyy i dont if it has nuthinq to do with mee...lol. so i was likee ohh whatever. kiss myy asssss>:O cuz thats my mentalityy anyways, idgaf what anyone thinks. ima do what i do reqardless. but im jus feelin myself for nooo reasonn. but i felt likee it was timee. cuz i usedd to ALLLWAYS bee feelin myself. but not latelyy. so its about that timee anqelica qets back on her 2-10s;z && starts walkinn :]

i bouncee to myy ownn themee sonq, cuz imm tiiqht likee that. lol.

im soo boredd. im just blabberinq now. lol. i just put myybbyddy to bed likee i do everynitee:]
thats mommas;z baybeee : D we dont need any kids cuz hes myy biqq bby. lol. he be likee i aint no fuckin babyy ima qrown ass man cuhkz! lol. but hes myy bby so i bee likee uhh huuh :]
lol. we supposedd to qet marriedd && havee likee 6 kids. lmaoo. the black bradyy bunchh.
hahahhahaa, i hopee i can spit out 6 kids;z [its qon be some c-sections in there soommeeewheree] lmaoo. mann i lovee myy bbyddy tho. hes my sunliqht. all myy joyy. im happy with himm. id be lost without himm.

love is fckinn crazy. likee a dumbass 4 letter 1 syllable word. packs;z sooo muchh power. so muchh emotion! likee. its soo much moree than just a definition to lovee, its likee a mindframe almost. like lovee takes over everythinq. yer thoughts. the way yuu carry yourself. the way yuu do shxt. the choices yuu makee. the thinqs yuu do. its picks yuu upp. keeps yuu downn. makes yuu lost. finds yuu. its likee everythinq. lmaoo. its touqhh. but i lovee it. id qo throuqhh hell jus to feel qood lovee. its the best feelinq on the planet. incomparable to anythinq elsee....

im donee thoo. im tiredd. im bout to eat && takee my fatass to sleep. lol. nitee yall.

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