back likee it never left.

soo cooqi was the shhh back in the 90'z.
&&its been aroundd fer a cool onee.
but i never paidd it any mindd.
buuuut., its cominn back inn a major wayy.
i keep seein this pursee && a dress i want in hella music videos !
like wtf !
basic but dumb ass cutee.
peep the purse cost moree than the dress :]


Miss.Fortune said...

coogi always been cute to me..but yes it has came back n a major way..the purse is the shit..i need that n my life

love && labels. said...

that dress is bomb.

iLdaddy said...

i love the purse. my boyfriend been wearin' that since i met him 3 yrs ago. thats all he wear. !!

paaru;BAD said...

that dress i need thatt !

L0L . shit is bombbb as fkc

ill;kinda said...

that purse is fire .