nooo moreeee foooood !

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybodyy =]

happy latee thankieess dayy !

imm boredd soo im juss qonna recapp && do some chit chattinn.....

soo -

fer turkeyy dayy i went to my auntie housee in san bernadinoo.

to qet my qrubb onn.

i didnt evenn eat alot , cuhz i was scarfin downn spritess likee i was bout to die of thirstt.

so i only atee one platee ,

thenn i qotta helllllllllllllluhhh sleepy sincee i was movin on 4 hourss of sleep.

[yeaa , i be lwky crackedd out; i have insomniaa.]

lol. so yeaa im jus watchinn tv , talkin shxt , noddin out.

readyy to bloww that placee cuz im tryna qet homee back to myy bbyddy !

cuz i hadnt talked to him since beforee i left && i was missin himm likee crazy !


[yeaa , i knoww im sprunq - whoo qivess a shxt.]

soo yeaa i qet homee eat sommoree talk to myy bbyddy && the homieee.

&&&&thatss all.


borinqq right?

i knowww.

i neededd like a fat ass kushhh bluntt && somee sexx.


bt neither were an optionn since [a] i stopped smokinn.

&& [b] my bf is 40 miless awayy >:O


bt im qood.

im soo exciteddd.

my bbys adoptinq mee cuz my momss sellin me.


so im leavin next weekend to manhattan beachh to qo be hisss :D

tite huh ?

i knoow !

woot woot !

yall knoww what that meannnnss s !!!

[&&no. im not comin back preqo so dont even say it.]


it meansss jelliess qonna be happy as FCK cuz she qet to spend all her timee wit ddy duhh !

so anywhoo moree about thtt laterr.


im tiredd,

bt im boredd,

&& its not time for me to qo to sleep yet so im juss talkin about absolutelyy nadaa,

&&yall tune inn to it likee itss interestinq !

lol !

so thankss if yall readin this shit.

but yeaaa.

thats about it.

i dont havee anythinq interestinq to writee so ill savee yall the time && me the enerqyy.

p e a c e .

myy bombb bummy ass ! on turkeyy day =]

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Jervis said...

as bored as I am, that was quite interesting