juss onee of thosee dayss....

considerinqq i havee no life what so everr. todayy was pretty fuckinn dryy.
irritatedd once aqainn.
nothinq neww riqhht.??
thats juss sadd.

sooo, anywhoo my dayy startedd...mmmm....ohkayy. around 12ishh. [yeaa i sleep latee who givesuhfck. i qo to sleep late=P] soo after i usedd the bathroomm &&did all tht stuff. i qot on the cpu aka my bessfriendd. unfortunetlyy. lol. checkedd my 'space'. smhh, nothinq but a few dumbass friend requests. i dont need any new friendss. i wantedd to talk to myy bby but he wasnt on aim so i juss qot off. watchedd a lil tv wit my mom &&her husbandd. [dont ask why i dont say stepdad] &&ate some frosted flakes.

by this time its likee 2 somn. my lazyy ass falls BACK asleep. [im backedd upp on hours, i never qet enouqh sleep =/] so i wakee upp around 4 somn, back on the cpu....blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
omq. lmao. thiss jus sounds borinq typinq thiss so i know yer bored readinq it. lmao.

FASS FORWARd>>>>>>>>

basically im mad cuz i barely talkedd to hubby && he fell asleep on meee>:O &&its not the fact he fell asleep. its the fact he didnt say he was fckinn tired, qod. i was waitinq all dayy to talk to himm && when i finally do its like. hi--byee. that madee my niqht worse than what it already wass.

im qoinq back upp to the bayy after thanksqivinq :]
i qotta qo visit my qrandma && my father.
&&my bay bestiess. imthose qirls !
i'll prolly spend a week out theree.
no reason to stay any lonqer.
my lifee is down heree.
not to mentionnn the bbyddyy is pickinn me upp from the airport :D
wooot wooot.
lookinq forwardd to that !
our 3 monthh anniv. is on the 31st soooo we qotta makee that uppp,
not to mentionnn ALOT of other shxt.
iff yaa knoww what i mean ;]
iLthat boyy.
even tho he pissess me off.

i wannnnaaaa moveee tooo loss anqelesssss>:O
mann i swearr i cant findd a fcknn job out here in the "i.e" to save my lifee,
but i havee a homiee tht workss in la && couldd hook mee upp buut quesss whaaaat??
yep !
i livee 40 fckinn miless awayy in WACK ASS MORENO VALLEY.
i wanna blow this betchhh of the map.
dumbass fckinn cityy i swear.
evenn if i had a job out here i wouldnt wanna live out heree.
i miss the city lifee :]
sheeeit. ima BAY qirll.
i lovee the fass lifee.
yeaaaaahhhhhh [qucci mane voicee]

this shit out here aint cuttin it.
but whatever,
2009 is rollin innnn.

next year is neww beqinninqs.
new place.
new job.
new school.
new thinqs.
new life.

sounds niceee.
lets see if it actually is...........


-- niecey boo * said...

lmao qirl you think 12 o clock is startinq your day late ?

how abt i don't usually qo to sleep until around 6am & then wake up around 4pm ?

.. yeah my sleepinq habits are ALL fcked up lol but i'm definitely workinq on that .

(even thouqh i'm still awake from yesterday at 8.30 ; i'll prob attempt to break niqht so that i can be nice & tired & qo to sleep early 2niqht & hopefully be up at a normal time manana .. )

oh & i'm from myc but i'm FEENIN to move to la too !

rawr . life is waack >:[

iLdaddy said...

yeh i have a bunch of days like that.

considering the economy is so fuqed
up its hard for me to get a job!!