dedicatedd to my heart♥.

"heyy lover, heyy lover.....thiss is moree thann a crushhh...."

heyyy babyyyy !
i toldd yuu i'd writee a bloqq for yuu so heree it iss,
i miss yuu :[
i really do.
i made yuu mad earlier ,
not intentionally.
bt i felt the need to tell yuu how i felt about a certain situationn.
&&im confusedd as to if im overexaqqeratinqq or im not.
bt i dont really caree, to be honest.
i just need yuu withh me.
i just dont wanna be blindd in the process becausee love tendss to qet that wayy.
&&yuu do always call me naivee.
am i really? :/
i dont think that i am.
i think im pretty on point.
i knoww how muchh i lovee yuu.
&& what id do for yuu,
&&if thats beinq naiveee.
thenn i quess, i am.

how do i tell yuu how muchh i lovee yuu
without tellinq yuu what ive already told yuu before?
its only one wayy to say I LOVE yU.
&&no matter how many timess i tell yuu,
or i hear it,
i cant hear it or say it enouqhh.
like sayinq it oncee.
isnt enouqhh to
e x p l a i n n
how MUCH
i love you.
i dont think theres even a word.
to describee how i feel or how much i care.
theree arent enouqhh worddss in the worldd,
to tell yuu.
i couldd qo on && onn tryinq to tell yuu,
whichh wouldd really only result in me sayinq the same thinq a million different wayys.

as muchh ass i know yuu lovee meee,
sometimess i feel likee yuu will neverr truelyy knoww,
or understandd how muchh i lovee yuu,
its been heardd beforee,
likee "ohh iLy soo much"
"ill never leavee yuu"
"yuu mean the world to me"
bt in the end , the relationshipp doesnt work.
bt see ,
with mee.
i knoww howw i feel,
&&i knoww that the wordds tht i tell yuu
comee from the bottom of my heart,
i knoww that ive never felt likee this beforee in my lifee &&
i know myy lovee for yuu has no limit.
i knoww that yuu makee me soooo madd sometimess,
&&i knoww that the second after yuu qet mad.
i reqret everythinq i did to make yuu mad.
&&i just wanna make everythinq right.

&&sometimess i qet madd at myself,
becausee, i knoww that i shouldnt let everythinq qo.,
but i hate havinq conflictionn withh yuu,
soo i do whatever i have to, to keep yuu happy,
cuz whenn yer happy, im happy.
bt most of the timee.
i never even have to do that.
becausee yer alwayss the biqqer mann &&
yuu apoloqizee whenn yuu know yer wronq,
&&yuu correct me when im makinq yuu be right.
&&that just showss me how muchh yuu lovee me zahkeem.
cuz i dont knoww too many ppl that would do that.
i cant wait for the dayy we becomee one,
&&qet marriedd. && thee day i findd out im preqnant,
&&yuu qet to watchh me qet fat, lmao.
and talk shit.
i cant wait to spend everyday with yuu,
livinq lifee && beinq happy as a familyy.
i never consideredd qettinq marriedd before i met yuu
cuz i didnt think it was someone i couldd see myself withh for the rest of myy lifee,
but whenn i see yuu,
i see eternityy.
yuu makee me soo happy,
i juss never wanna stop anythinq withh yuu.
i couldd talk too yuu for hourss && hourss && never qet boredd.
juss starinq at yuu makess me smilee,
thinkinq back on memoriess makess me cryy :]
i love yuu ddy.
i do.
i just hopee yuu realizee how muchh &&never let me qoo.
8.31.08 was qods qift to mee.
&&im never qivinq it back.
iLyuu zahkeem.