smhh. on myy mother was soooo RIDICULOUS!

wtf. as many flippin fuctions there was.
we couldnt fuck withh any.
drove around fuckinn riversidee && waaaack ass moreno valleyy for damn near 5 hours just wastinq qas!!!
not to mentionn i had to qivee this bitchh qass fer basically just siqht seeinq>:O

aint that bout a bxtchh!
but anywhoo. i still hadd funn :)
ummmm. we endedd up wit the cuzos in a room. qettin turnt!
all niterrr. i was off 3 hrs a sleep on saturday! lmaoo.
&&i fuckedd tht jack in the craxk "sampler trio" upppppppppp:D

anywhoo...heres somee random flixx.
[dont mind mee &&cookiee we lwky camera whores :x wee tiight!]

beforee we left:) im cutee huh?

shady they didnt evenn tell a niqquh her bra was out>:O

lol. we werent drunk.

hoodrats! lmaooooo! theyy was trickinn && treatinn! jp!jp! ilyall.

lol. check the top ramen in myy pocket. i was hungryy :]

quess what i was fer halloween??? yeaa niqquh. i was ME! ha!

at winco beinq qhetto. lmao.

fuckk yuu cuhhhhhhhz.

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