im happy & im thaankful :)

first & foremost ,
happyy thanksgiving everybodyyyy !!!
i hope yall fenna pig out like i am lol
i been helpin ma mama cook since yesterdaay
& im readyy !
i digress ,
guess who's back togetherrrrrr ???

* ding * ding * ding *

yeep ! me & my fianceee :]
lol , we're official .
im soooooooooo happy .
it feels soo good lol .
im thankful , my prayers were answered
& god gave me my love back .
we been havin the best in depth conversations .
im just happy .
he said he's happy .
so im satisfied lol .
he asked me if i blogged lately & i hadn't got to it
so im takin advantage of this free time to update yall .
its like we fell in love with each other all over again :)
i feel like i did 6 months ago lol happy & in love .
its like im finally breathing again
he's back to the man i love so much .
the boyfriend technecally lol
he's not reallyy different when were not together but you
always know in tha back of your mind yall NOT together
but knowing tht you are and you love that person and he loves you is
amazing :)

as far as my previous post , i know yall wonderin what happened lol ,
but i ended up telling him .
i was worriedd to death cus i didn't know how he was
gonna take me invading his privacy
cus that's not something i do .
but everything happens once .
the things i came upon weren't to great anyhow ,
he was mad , but he listened to me
he forgave me and then apologized for lying to me
and what i saw tht hurt me .
and i forgave him cus he didn't have to do tht at all .
he's a stand up guy :) as kam would call him lol
i can forgive him for every wrong he's ever did to me just bcus he's
always man enough to realize his mistake and do the right thing .
he doesn't ever try to sugar coat it , or pretend it didn't happen , or
sweet talk me into a lie .
he'll tell me , we'll talk , and we go from there .
he thinks he's just average , and maybe in someways he is
but he's the most amazing man on this earth to me , he's loved me to no
end , he's hurt me , he makes me happy , he's made me sad , he brings me
up but he never keeps me down .
some of yall may read this and be like shess stupid , but idnt really
give a shit about yall opinion .
bc no man is perfect . love is never perfect .
for him to never fuck up would mean either somethings wrong or he's not
growing lol .
and i love watching my man grow .
he stimulatates me mentally and I've never had tht by any other dude i
been with .
his mental is on a whole nother level than niggas his age and even older
and i adore him .
if he could forgive my wrong doings , i can forgive his
cus thru everything we been through at the end of the day
we back together , we're in love , and we still want to try .
when he asked me to marry him i didn't know how to take it
i was ecstatic but i didn't know how to idk act about it lol
but he makes me feel like his wife everyday . he wants me and in his
words " couldn't see hisself building a life a with someone else" :)
that's my baby , my everything . and i love him past forever.

in other news , lol
i got my financial aid check
& im mad cus i read tha dispersement wrong .
thinkin im fenna get money for both semesters but yu get one each
semester :(
so i only got enough to buy my car and i got my new phone . and I've
shopped a tinnyy bit lol . but im going car shopping friday or saturday
so we'll see what happens :)

anyhow , happy thanksgiving yall , im thankful for my readers ! cus who
else would i express myself to and whine to lol and actually have people
tht want to listen ,
you guys are amazing and im flattered :) enjoy your holiday !

love always , angelicaa

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Qu33n Kam... said...


I knew he would come aroun,, real love holds up through trials or you would never know how strong it really is. Wish you both the best