november 16th , 2OO9 .

well over the weekend i guess my immune system
kicked some virus ass ! lmao .
between taking cold&flu meds and downing
cup after cup of water and orangejuice im good now .
soo , todays the end of my 1st day of this week .
i had a good day , mondays & wednesdays are my
um chill skool days bc both my classes are easy & i get outta skool at
145 versus 33O .
i talked to james for about 2 hours :)
i love him lol .
i love that we don't have all the stress and disarray
we had last month , its so much easier .
less stressful and easier to be content .
its easier to love him the way i want to and
that's always a plus .
i can tell he aappreciates it and im glad he does bc
i appreciate him too .
he inspires me to be a higher me and with all that
makes me the happiest person on earth !
it gets no better than that lol .
besides that ,
this week is the week i get my financial aid >:)
i been waitin on this day since the 1st day a skool >:o !
lmao took for fckn eveeeer !
its the start i need to pull the things i need together .
a car = mobility i need to see my baby & work .
laptop= freedom to take online classes and nt spend my whole week at
skool .
those are my 2 most impt things , besides shopping of course >:)
but on another countdown note ,
i have 5 weeks left until winter intersession
which is 31 days frm today :)
meaning : time with my babe && no skool til february .
hellll to tha fuckinn yeaaa mann !
lmao .
i keep saying these next two months will be life changing .
and if god blesses me , they will be .
im hopeful , thankful and anxious .
i hope everything goes accordingly .
i keep my fingers crossed :)
bt im about to take my shower & relax .
gotta get ready for skool tmmw .
i love you guys , be back sooner than later :)

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