welcome to wintertime .

ugh .
im siiiiiiick !
literally .
runny , stuffy nose
watery eyes , burning sinuses
sneezy , coughing
horse throat !
allllllla thaat smh ..
im miserable lol .
and on top of all this sicknesss i miss my mtfckn baby !
we talked this morning about an hour ,
our talking still isn't back to normal . . .yet .
im being patient tho . . .
things a come back together .
and im fuckn mad cus he called me to tell me i love you and was supposed
to call back but idk if he did or nt sincee my fckn mom didn't answer
tha other line when she was tlkin to ma sister .!
ugh , i hate when ppl do that .
fucked off my whole mood .
i cnt enjoy a decent conversation with him for shit !
damn .
then ma mama husband wanted to act like a lil 3 yr old btch again cus i
made me n my mom sandwhiches n i didn't make him one .
like EVERYBDY & THEY MAMA know if u want me to cook or make u anything !
yu better ask ! cus i aint voluntarily makin yuu shit !
call me selfish if ya want to , but i aint nobdys maid .
if im cookin dinner that's totally diff ,
but i hate when he wanna sit n be hungry til
i get up n make ME somethin to eat then want me to make him somethin .
nigga i am NOT your wife .
aint no obligated food .
then gon complain to ma mama when she said shell make him one like
"nah its coo , i can take care a myself"
like bitch , i knw u didn't expect me to do it .
cus im nt supposed to take care a yo eating .
yu a grown ass man & you aint mines !
he cracks me up inside lol .
aint no reason for a person to act like tht .
a closed mouth don't get fed & he didn't fix his to ask
soooo , ohhhh welll .
& yes i am a snobby asshole ,
ask me i gaf .
cus i don't .
smh .

soooo , in other newsss
im 7 days awaay frm my financial aid :D
whoo , first things first .
new laptop & helloo online shopping :)
im so tired of usin my phone as a cpu stand in smh .
i get to be a loyal blogger again !
real posts & pics & all tht .
i can actually redesign my page :)
whoooo hooooo ! lmao
im dumb lol .
but yeaa that's all . ill go over tha things i purchase as time goes .
im tired & sick .
ill bb sooner thaan later loves .


Miss.Fortune said...

look at u going on a mini shopping spree with that financial aid money. i miss those days lol

u and ur moms boyfriend/husband whatever are always getting n2 it. just whoop his ass one good time and he will stay away from you

hope u feel better mama

Qu33n Kam... said...

Feel better Jellie,, overdose on some over the counter lmao thats wat i do i hate bein sick

Hope James comes to his senses soon i hate when guys say they love u but want u to wait around while they do watever,, but wat i realized is guys are not like us and cant multitask they hav to do things in order of importance and in his eyes he cant love u the way he wants to till his life is in order which is true. So you may jus have to wait but still be supportive as long as he isnt treating u bad

Take Care

Amanda said...

I know the feeling...I just got my laptop and I have been editinga dntyping on my blog like crazy!!!!