maaaaaaaaan .

im fighting back tears .
they keep falling anyways . . .
smh @ my anxiety .
i hate thinking the worst of things bt when u know the
reality of certain situations you tend to think worst case scenario .
i haven't tlked to him in 4 days .
no by choice bt bc we both didn't have mins .
i got mines and now he doesn't .
its different when we nt tlkin and i still see him abt or can txt or
call him to make sure he's ok .
but when u have no contacts . . .
its like wtf .
all im doing is worrying .
im concerned abt his safety .
im concerned abt his courtdate on tha 5th .
im concerned abt him , period .
i miss him .
and its making me cry .
i just wanna know he's okay .
i wanna hear him tell me i love you .
i wanna hear him tell me i love you back .
i js , wanna know everythings ok .
what if something happened ?
idk what's gonna happen at court .
im just maaaaan . stresssed .
breannna`s like stooop stressing , everythings gonna
be okaaay . but i have tht issue .
worst case scenarios .
always thinkin tha worst .
smh .
but that's how i keep myself frm hurting when things go bad . bc i
already prepared myself .
i don't want nuthin to be wrong tho :(
i just wanna tlk to my bby and know everythings okay .
so ima keep him in my prayers and hopefully ill tlk to him soon .

i love you daddy , & im missin yu like crazy :( . . .i hope your okay .
ttys .

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