--lmaoo. woooowwww. peoplee thesee days;z. theyy simplyy amazee mee. likee on somee real shxt thoo. everyonee qet soo cauqht upp in labels;z && theyree own personal fantasyy thann the actual REALITY of thinqs;z. for examplee.....

--qoon/ qoblinn; ect.:: yahhhh. what?? aree thesee niqquhs;z serious tho?? i havee yet to see anybodyy thats;z actually DOIN somee real ruthless ass shxt. thesee niqquhs;z is all talk && no walk. niqquhs;z aint bout shit but tryna out do the NEXT niqquh. smhh. neeexxxxxxxttt!

--mackinn; ::bxtches;z think they a c t u a l l y bee mackinn niqquhs;z thesee days;z. lets;z takee uh moment to ponder............................................................umm no. how is yuu mackinn niqquhs;z if yuu fxckinn all the dudes yuu mackinn??? thats no lonqerr mackinn. think about it.

--ballinn; :: waaaaaaait waaaait. okayy. now moneyy is everyones;z main objectivee. without a doubt. but all these ppl talkinn likee theyy qot moneyy out thee ass.??? yahhh. no. yall mayy havee cash flow. but half yall niqquhs spendinn mommy &&daddys;z cashhh. wheres;z the braqqinq in that?? that isnt a hustle. wtf. &&that brinqs;z mee to that word....

--hustlinn; :: qett theee fuckk outta here. everyones "hustlinn" smhh. woooowww. if yuu aint on yo p's && q'z everydayy tryna qet moneyy byy any means necessaryy...yo ass AINT hustlinn. howw the fuckk yuu sit onn yo ass all dayy askinn somebodyy elsee fer $$$ thenn yuu hustlinn?? ahahahaa.
ohhh kayyy..

im lauqhinn at yall. likee really. peoplee amuse mee.
i dont usee any of thesee terms;z so yess i can talk all the shxt i want about the ppl who do.
im nooo hypocritee :)

suckas;z =P

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