f r i [e n d] s.

...hass anyonee ever tookenn into account that friend has "end" in it.?? likee literally tho...&& i meann if yerr pretty social yuu knoww by experiencee that friendships;z comee && qo withh the seasonns;z.... ivee hadd sooo manyy damnn friends;z inn myy lifee that havee just vanishedd. whichh is whyy i dont really caree for friends;z now. i know who my truee friends;z aree &&everyonee elsee are just varibles;z.....associates;z.

latelyy ive just qivenn up all toqetherr on friends;z. straiqht upp anti.sociall. lol. likee really tho friends;z aree for conversation, relationn, &&comfort. --theyy dont do NONE of that shit thesee days;z..theyy talk shxt about yuu, spreadd yo bizz, fakee on yuu, leavee yuu hanqinn, put they two cents inn where it aint neededd....just moree irritationn to yo lifestylee...

too sayy yuu couldd live without friendss wouldd be a stretchh cuz i know that i couldnt. but to think they qon bee there for yuu forever is unrealistic. yu qonn constantlyy makee && losee friends;z throuqhout yer lifetimee. whyy stress over the loss of onee?? i feel likee im losinq one of my closest friends;z cuz we bothh qoin throuqh some shxt but as heartless as it sounds;z.....idgaf.

--ppl leavee yer lifee in order to makee room for someone elsee....[i wonder whos;z cominq.....]

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