--what is it that makes;z uss....keep tryinq??

likee....whenn the samee shxt keeps;z happeninq over &&over aqainn. what persuades;z uss to think that it'll chanqee???

is it the trust wee havee for that personn?

the lovee?



sometimes;z havinq hopee leaves;z yuu in disappointment.

perseverencee useless.

i keep tryinq to comee upp withh a resolutionn to this onee issuee.

&&as closee as i qet is nowheree near wheree i wanna be......

i keep beinq persuadedd to tryy.

&&mee on myy ownn wants;z too tryyy moree thann anythinq in the worldd.

but im startinq to feel likee its imposssiblee to qet theree.

--its;z tearinq me downn.

&&breakinq myy heart.

i feel foolishh.

is it mee. or is it not meant to bee?



everyday is somethinq neww.

its eitherr a step forwardd or a stepp back.

i feel likee steppinq off.

all my hopee is just depletinq.

dayy byy dayy.

im an emotional wreck.

whyy tryy if no one elsee is.

i need relief : /

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