dOiNq thee iMPOSSiBlEx.

love. love. love. love. love.

thats;z all i ever think about.


my wholee lifee...all ive ever wantedd was to bee headd over heels;z in lovee withh someonee.

to experiencee mutual lovee to its;z full extent.

&&throuqhout myy lifee i'vee come to the conclusionn that ivee simplyy been

--lookinq for lovee in all the wronq places;z.

that isss..until i met [himm].

i never met anyonee likee himm. ever. literally.

he just walkedd into my lifee outta nowheree.

&&basically snatchedd my heart out my damnn chest.

--q o n e e e.

everythinq about him was perfectionn to me.

&&sheit. everyone knows;z that perfection is nonexistent.

but to mee his imperfections were overshadowed byy all his qood qualities.

ive never, ever, evr, evr, evrrrrrrrr.

been sooo. just infatuatedd with someone.

likee i put myy full attention, time, effort, love, emotion, e v r y t h i n q!

into this relationship...just qavee myself away not evenn thinkinq twicee

about puttinq upp a quard to protect myy heart.

just beinq completely oblivious to the fact if i put all my lovee into this

if anythinq went wronq......id fall flat on myy ass.

&&loww && beholdd what happens;z??????

thinqs;z chanqee out of nowheree.

&& i becomee the personn he loves;z soooo muchh but can no lonqer withstand...

brinqinq myy wholee worldd to justt crashhh &&burnnnnnnn the fuck upp.


i meann i cann tryy && tryy && tryy but likee...

what cann i do if hiss lovee isnt where it usedd to be???

ive criedd soooooooooooo many fuckinn tears;z over this.

&&likee i still cant understandd what the fuck went wronq : /

he;s myy first reall lovee.

ill never stopp lovinq himm.

never stopp carinq about himm.

ill stillll kill &&/orr diee for thiss mann.

&& as muchh as yuu miqht think....

"ohh yyuu hatee him" or "ohhh yer stupidd..."


bitee me.

no one will ever understandd the extent that i lovee himm becausee they not me or himm.

likee...ask yerself.

how do yuu let qo of somethinq that makes;z yer lifee uhh billion times;z better????

yuu dont....

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