One friend

Youre everything you said you weren't and everything I thought you'd never be,
We used to be You used to be.
Somewhere we got lost. I don't know u anymore. I remember him I remember her, I only remember who we were. Now I know you so well that nothings new. Yu kno me so well tht your just through.
Nothing left to learn, not amused
No laughs no connection
I keep going over this relationship
A Thorough inspection
Everything good must end so maybe this is it? I'm part of a past collection, would u miss it?
Friends. jst lovers. friends&lovers. jst friends.
I lost where we started so I can't see where we would end. Maybe we were over before we began? I learned to love you then yu taught me to kill feelins. True story: Love kills when you let it.
Our friendship committed suicide after your love died, bittersweet homicide.. Or maybe I killed yu accidently when I tried to end me but yu jst lied to me? Ill never know.
Lost a homie lover and bestfriend all in One year, I wouldve never guessed itd only be One person and One day you'd grow distant nd basically disappear.
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