Painful like hearing 'I love you' when you say it to her.
Her, only She is no longer Me, and Me and You are no longer We.
We died. I cried. You lied.
So many emotions I went numb
No feeling. Blank thoughts. Mute words. Deaf ears. Paralyzed .
I found tranquility in thoughts of Past laughs, past promises, past pasts.
Futures that never were, never would be. Presents that can't be opened
Your presence is unfocused.
Then I refocused, your unclear.
My mistake you were never really here
You talk so well I believed we were really meant to be
You deceived, silly me.
I gave you everything I had
You wanted more
No, you wanted less, less love
Less work, less real
Let's fake, and pretend We never existed.
Pretend the way you are with Her; Be happy, find love and then leave it
Dear Broken heart keeper,
I need It.
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