past , present , future .

you know tonite i found out something i never knew before . and it made
me think about how everyone has a past , some good , some bad , some
horrible , some easy , some hard but it shapes us into the person we are
today and creates some of our internal demons that haunt us everyday . i
think everyone has certain things of their past they dnt want to or
don't talk about period . including myself . but your past has a huge
impact on your present status inlife and will always impact your future
. so i think its important to face some of those past demons and start
over . not just to live better but to be better . to be able to be set
free and have a better understanding . all im saying is , think about
yourpast and learn from it . fix what's broken and save what can be
salvaged . forgive and forget tha rest and move forward . holding on to
the past hinders your ability to grasp your future .

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