another simp ass story .

--------------------- 1:  34 am --------------------------------
eric .:  Suxx cuhz I was low ball really feelin u but hey it is wat it
pntbttr x jellie:  yeaaa well , i dnt really feel the connection i
should so im nt fenna waste your time or mines .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  I mine we really ant talkd like that but I guess after u seen
me u got everything u needed to kno
eric .:  But shit could be diff if u gave me the chance u really ant
got the real me yet
pntbttr x jellie:  well in my opinion we've tlkd enough . and us
chillin shoulda gave me more than enough reason and it didn't soo , yea
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  Well like I said u still ant got the real me
pntbttr x jellie:  i haven't got the real you yet bt im givin you the
real me . your nt going to hold my attention .
pntbttr x jellie:  if you were id know . your nt .
eric .:  When u came over them bein around made me hold bak alil
eric .:  I am
pntbttr x jellie:  the way you act around other people should be the
same way yu'd act around me .
eric .:  And I kno I can
eric .:  Naw it's a diff around them 3
eric .:  And how beautiful u r made me low key nervis
pntbttr x jellie:  nah , im cool . plus i dnt really have the time or
gas to drive out there to chill w. yu so yeaa
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  I mean I kno for shore I can keep u attention
eric .:  Just gotta let me
pntbttr x jellie:  so that shouldn't change the vibe i felt . you can't
change a vibe . im nt feelin what i got . i knw what i want and what i
don't . and if im not feelin it . im just not .
eric .:  But after u seen me u shut me out
eric .:  And that's when shit really was gone happen
pntbttr x jellie:  bc i don't feel anything and yyou do .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
pntbttr x jellie:  please dnt make me have to reiterate .
eric .:  The vibe I gave off was me holdn bak cuhz of them
-------------------------------- 1:  44 am
eric .:  They fkcd my vibe up
pntbttr x jellie:  nah .
eric .:  That's why I hate bein around them
pntbttr x jellie:  you cnt blame that on nobdy else .
pntbttr x jellie:  cus yu really cnt convince me youd be tht much diff
nt around them .
eric .:  trust im extreamly different im more exsitting
eric .:  And liive
eric .:  I was borin when u cam over
eric .:  I was a super diff person
pntbttr x jellie:  okay weeell , 1st impressions don't go anywhere .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  Was u feelin me befor u seen me be real
pntbttr x jellie:  why would yu be boring the 1st time we kicked it and
then try to convince me to do it again bc your cuzins and uncle messed u
pntbttr x jellie:  i was .
pntbttr x jellie:  its nt about seein you . your nt ugly . you just dnt
hold my attention .
eric .:  Trust like they make me nervis they so judgmental
eric .:  And that's the thing im such a live fun filld person im totaly
diff from wat I gave off
eric .:  I wish I just had the chance to show u
eric .:  Cuhz I kno we could work
pntbttr x jellie:  soo you were so concerned abt what they thought that
it hindered you frm being you ? that's nt a quality im looking for .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  Im not concerned about wat they think I was scared about wat
they was gone say bkuz them niggas have no respect
eric .:  And I didn't want them to say no dum shit and I woulda had to
go hard so it had me on my toes and I fkcd up
pntbttr x jellie:  you weren't concerned bt yu were scared .
pntbttr x jellie:  another quality im nt lookin for .
eric .:  And when u left I was like damn she didn't even get to see the
real me
eric .:  Not scared like im scarey scared like if these niggas say
somethin dum im gone go off and its gone be a fight
eric .:  When u left they was like so why u didn't fkc her
pntbttr x jellie:  yeaaa well . im sorry bt it only takes one time for
me to get disinterested and to be honest , i am . so im sorry things
turned out that way . maybe next time you wont mess up and let what your
family does keep you frm being you .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
eric .:  And im like I really like this girl I wanna take it for with
her and im not bout to mess it up but guess I have
pntbttr x jellie:  who cares that's what niggas say , bt they know you
didn't bc i wouldnt let you obviously .
eric .:  No bkuz they felt like I shoulda pushd it on u
pntbttr x jellie:  idc what they thought .
eric .:  They dum af that's why im like wtf they gone say next and it
thru me off puttn my attention in u
pntbttr x jellie:  none of that matters bc how i feel now isn't the
same . you messed up your own 1st impression .
eric .:  But im not that person u met
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
-------------------------------- 1:  54 am
eric .:  U kno wat u right its my fault can't blame it on them
pntbttr x jellie:  okay well you can't blame your cuzins for your
actions .
eric .:  Im sorry I waistd ur time
eric .:  Just saw how beautiful u was and got stucc
pntbttr x jellie:  you didn't . can't say we didn't try . its a lesson
learned .
pntbttr x jellie:  thank you and as for the next pretty girl dnt make
the same mistake twice .
eric .:  Its not a lesson learned cuhz I kno we would work together
eric .:  But yeh
pntbttr x jellie:  it was a lesson learned bc you fkd it off . and you
know that but i don't . but okaay .
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
pntbttr x jellie:  goodnite k . i got skool in the mornin .
eric .:  Smh
eric .:  Its wild ull never see the real me
eric .:  But night
pntbttr x jellie:  okay bt is that my fault bc you held yourself back?
or your fault ? always be the real you . don't bullshit people or
situations . you only have one shot most of the time . sleep on it . gn
eric .:  [AWAY] Can't trust that bitch
-------------------------------- 2:  02 am
eric .:  Sleep on it just gone make me feel like shit and sometimes
shit happens and it was my first time seein u u beautiful to me and I
was star struck like im the guy u want the guy u was feelin befor u seen
me just messd up but u shoulda atleast gave me the secound chance to
prove my self

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Qu33n Kam... said...

Lmao tell me why i had the same exact experience on easter sunday like no lie,,but it was this nigga and his nephews [which means he was older so u would think he would have some damn sense to check them niggas] they were acting drunk and dumb and starting to be disrespectful so i had to leave and this nigga started beggin me not to go just like this nigga eric!! I swear niggas can be such lames for no reason