if it aint one thing is aFKNother . (-vent.)

im soooooo tired . like my body still functions but my brain is like
past the E mark . smh . im unfocused . i can't focus . its like between
my personal life and school im constantly having to do something . i
can't even fit in a nap everyday like i used to . i need a damn job .
shit i might be damn near dead bt at least ill be gettin paid to be fkn
near death . i hate everything about my life at this moment . between
boys and love and moving forward and school and all tht shit im just too
through wit everything and everybody that im back in my drop of a dime
irritable moods . i used to always be walking on that line of irrtiated
and okay . and im back to skippin on tht bitch . just one little tiny
thing be havin me so amped up inside i wanna start blastin ! lmao . its
sad bt true . i need a vacation w/o everybody just time to think and put
shit into perspective . i know people make mistakes bt you have no idea
how pissed off i am that im twenty one and nowhere near where i wanna be
. im too smart to have been so stupid in my decision making . i was so
goody in high skool that when i got my freedom i took too much and
started makin those dumb mistakes i was supposed to make and learn from
while i still had cushion . now i did it and im sittin on my ass . well
damn ! i guess at least im focused now , better late than never . at
least that's what they say . i dnt believe shit anymore lol .
everythings bullshit . the shit you hear . the shit you see . half the
shit you learn . the peoplee around you . eeeeverrryyythinnggggggg . but
yea . i just had to vent real fast so i can actually get some sleep . gn
bbys .

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