nine months .

til i see him .
he's gone .
where ?
jail .
its not his fault , well not really .
i wont go into details cus all of that isn't relevant .
i miss him and he's only been gone a little over 24 hours .
idk what im fenna do without him for nine months .
i just got him back and now he's gone again :(
ima ride for my baby tho , im not leaving him .
no desire to , nine months isn't forever
just a pause . we still have many years left .
pray for him yall .
i know it hasn't hit me as hard as it could yet so im waiting.
i miss him like fuck man .
smh .
guess ill keep yall posted .
be back sooner than later .


Miss.Fortune said...

hang in there..
what to do? work on you..this gives you plenty of time

Qu33n Kam... said...

aww man how much does that suk and yall just got back 2gether
u be that ride or die!! lolz

khaki said...

I agree with Miss.Fortune