I need to talk. I jst need to. Idc if yall read this or care. I just need to vent. Ive avoided this for the longest. It doesnt matter tho. Im unhappy right now. Im not always unhappy. Just since yesterday..i have alot on my mind, im stressed. I wanna cry bt I cnt. I dont care bt I do. I wanna give up but I dont . Confused...tht annoys me. Im jst speaking thoughts bc I dont have time for explanations, besides their pointless. I have no answers to any questions. I jst dont know.. I shouldnt regret anything ive done in my life but I would go abt so many things differently if I could. But I cant . Cant change whats already set in stone. Why u focus so much on things beyond my control is beyond me. Theres so many things abt myself tht aggravate me and it upsets me tht I cant change them. I try but it never works. I give up. Welllll no, I dnt wanna give up but im tired of trying. Im tired. I jst wanna be happyy. Happiness is a state of mind, so.my question is why am I preventing myself frm staying happy? Why does everything affect tht? Like I said, no answers to my questions.. Fk it.

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lovesarahlael said...

im here if u needa talk :)