Its funny cus Ive had so much to say but I jst havent said it. Im upset right now. But idk why. Actually I do but idk why I care. Its making me mad tht I cnt brush it off bc mentally I dnt gaf abt it but I jst have tht "feeling". Yall kno the one where u tell urself u nt mad but u are cus u feel it lol. Smh. I hope today gets better. I dont have a valentine again. I could careless , theres always nxt year. I jst wanna be happy, have a good day. Smile! Im mad im fkn bloggin abt this bullshit lol . But annnnywaysssssss, I have a new boo :) ill have to fill yall in later cus I have wrk in the mornin nd my ass needsss to go to bed. All ima say is I like him...alot. Hes a challenge tho! But I might need that :) gn lovess and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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