be be soon !

I've come to the conclusion that i can never write enough or update you
all enough for ppl to just idk, understand i guess. i know people are
gonna have their own opinions or judgements bc that's what ppl do, and
I've put enough of my life out there to be given opinions about
nonetheless I've never cared much for opinions or judgements bc no one
knows exactly what i feel or what i been/go thru. its been a hell of a
rollercoaster ride bt i cnt even update you guys on what's been going on
this past week. but i can say that im happy. i can say that i don't hurt
. i can say tht me and james have had plenty of long talks and have
agreed to start over. not in a relationship as in being together bt just
being able to love each other enough to be able to forgive and move
forward. im content with this so i dnt need anyone to shit on my shine .
im the only person in the relationship tht knows 100 percent of
everything thts happened. i share a lot bt i cnt share everything bc its
entirely too much to share . he's not a bad person, never has been. jst
young and growing and thts something I've always known and respected. im
still young and growing myself. but i jst feel like i need to take a
break on blogging jst to pull my life together and see things in a
different light. ill still post sparatically:) and im still reading my
fav blogs!! so ill be around :) i love you guys , ttyw.

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