its been awhilee .

i miss you guys !
sorry I've been neglecting my blog , I've jst needed some time to myself
to try to put my life into perspective without whining my way through
lol .
i started school on tha 16th and this is my 2nd week .
i like my classes so far , but ill like them better after i get my other
books right now i only have my math book which is the most important
because i have math monday - friday .
this week im going to start job searching , hopefully i find something
since idont have an open schedule .
I've been focusing on myself a lot lately .
james has been going thru a lot so im allowing him time and space to be
okay .
i miss him so much but i know the best thing i can give him right now is
time .
my love will always be there .
besides that , im jst hoping and praying for everyone to be okay and
prosper in life .
im aiming for higher than a 3.0 this semester and a new job :) i need to
be focused and stay busy so that i don't have time for anything else .
i keep saying tht but i guess its time to be about my shit and follow
through .
ill keep you guys posted .

oh & btw , I've been considering leaving california :) hm. vegas or
phonix . preferably phoenix . any comments?

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